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آیکون-درباره-ما-یکتاYekta chemical business began his career in the field of production and distribution of chemicals in 1376 . The company provided quality services in import and distribution of chemical raw materials with hire experienced and efficient and put his business experience in the industry for many years , and Prepared complete satisfaction with providing ontime and quality and reasonable prices . 

The company is also one of the earliest centers of Iranian laboratory materials like doctor Mojalali, Chemistry Pars, chemistry GHataran, Arman sina , Karyzab brands and more. Vision and goals of this collection continues to meet Satisfaction and needs of customer in the best way possible. This company prepared for Prosperity with experienced consultants in the field of technical and system And hopes can be Path of growth and excellence with strategic integrated and correct planning .

درباره ما یکتا

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سوابق کاری یکتا

Yekta chemical trading company is importer and supplier of chemical industry raw materials , food, pharmaceutical, water and waste water, detergents and cleaners, paints, color and resin, Plating , tiles and ceramics , cosmetics, steel and cement.

The company providing services in the field of chemical raw materials in the industry backed by years of experience in the import and sale of chemical raw materials. products of Yekta chemical business, is presented separated two segments , industrial chemicals and chemical laboratory as well as glassware, balances and laboratory equipment are consist of products supplied by the company.